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About dan1sland Beats

dan1sland (Daniil Mukashev), known as ‘dan1sland Productions’, is a Gold Certified 📀 Beatmaker, Music Producer, Audio Engineer from Canada. Aspite of composing music, he is also involved in graphic and web design, management and video. Founded in 2017, dan1sland Productions developed from scratch to a well known name in the music industry. Various renown artists like ‘Kxng Crooked ‘, ‘2Chainz’, ‘Styles P’, ‘Joell Ortiz’, ‘Jadakiss’ & many more are part of his production credits!

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How it all started

dan1sland has been professionally learning how to play piano from the age of 6. Therefore, he knows exactly how to compose melodies that catch the listener‘s feelings! Furthermore, he has been studying audio engineering for 3 years and worked with almost any possible equipment. From Macs and PCs to 48-channel Neve & SSL consoles and outboard gear from Universal Audio, SPL, Avalon, Mindprint, and others. In addition, due to dan1sland being a rapper himself, he knows best what rappers and singers need in their beats!

From the very beginning, in 2010, dan1sland started producing beats, scratching LPs, and taking his first steps as a rapper. Back then, he spent most of his free time in the basement home studio, improving his skills and ideas. Always putting every single cent into his music in order to buy quality equipment, hard- and software. Above all, creativity is the main basis of his work! Since dan1sland is interested in a wide range of musical genres, his sound is not limited to a certain style. dan1sland has gained longtime experience and know-how about all aspects of today’s music, industry, and media. He is famous for his own unique style and for delivering nothing less than highly professional quality. Most importantly, all for a reasonable price that’s affordable for all types of budgets and purposes!

With more than 90 million song plays and over 8 million page views, dan1sland is also an all-time top producer on the famous music website Many of his instrumentals went #1 on the SoundClick charts out of over millions of songs.


Why should you buy a beat license and get it from dan1sland Beats?

Be professional, own the appropriate license to sell your songs officially, and get top-notch quality for your music!

As a matter of fact, everyone who wants to be a professional singer or rap artist needs to make sure of 2 things. First, you need to keep up with the competition in terms of sound quality, innovation, creativity, and professionalism. Second, you need to own all necessary rights to officially sell your music and not run into any legal copyright issues!

Ultimately, that’s where dan1sland (Daniil Mukashev) jumps in as your top source for high-quality instrumental beats. dan1sland’s beats cover a wide variety of sounds, instrumentation, moods, tempo, and genres, such as Hip Hop, Trap, Pop, R&B & Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Of course, you will also find alternative, orchestral or acoustic music in our beat catalog! However, we also got you covered if you are looking for background music for game and movie soundtracks.

Listen to our instrumentals and visit the Beat Store if you are interested in purchasing a license to our beats. We offer various types of licenses and bundles for any purpose! Read the FAQ and Terms & Conditions if you need more info on buying beats or if you have any questions.


Download Beats For Free (Non-Profitable Use!)

Also, you can download all of our beats that are offered for sale as tagged free download versions. Use these versions for non-profitable, non-commercial purposes only! Download our music on your computer or mobile phone and take it with you wherever you go! Furthermore, you can get creative with our beats and start recording a demo instantly. This way, you can try before you buy to see if your songs turn out the way you imagine. Download beats now and read our free beats/free download policy: Click Here


Make Hits Now and Start Finding Your dan1sland Beat

Have a good time on this website and much success with your music! Thank you very much for your support. Also, don’t hesitate to spread the word and share our website with your friends and fellow artists! Subscribe to our newsletter and be notified when we upload new beats and announce discount sales and updates. Stay in touch and follow our social media profiles TwitterFacebookInstagramSoundcloud and Youtube.

PS: Read what others think about dan1sland Productions in the Reviews section and tell us your ideas and thoughts!

Contact if you have any further questions or use the contact formular to send us a message!

Best Regards,
Daniil Mukashev
dan1sland Productions


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